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I Liked "I Like Giving"

Brad Formsma's I Like Giving is an immensely practical book about giving, and about how it transforms us when we do it not out of obligation, but out of joy. In other words, giving can be something we enjoy doing--which encourages more giving because we get more joy!

Doing something generous without anyone telling you to is so exhilarating it becomes addictive." (p. 33)

The genius of this book is that it is so readable. It's not heavy, deep stuff, and the book--although 200 pages--could be read in just a few sittings. The constant interjection of stories and suggestions make this a very practical and engaging read. There are many real-life examples of people giving and being blessed for it; almost every story is one that the average person will relate to.

The book's biggest weakness, though, is that God is assumed, and even though mentioned many times, there is little to no scriptural support for living a generous life. Even though I understand that's not the author's intent (to give a biblical case for generosity), I was a little disappointed to see it mostly ignored--especially in light of the greatest motivation for a generous life, that God has so freely to given to us in his Son.

I would recommend I Like Giving to anyone looking for real-life ways and examples to look for opportunities to live generously--especially in ways bigger than simply giving money. This book is about something bigger, it's about living in a way that seeks opportunities to bless others with our own generosity--and for that, I liked I Like Giving.

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