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Friday Quick Hits, 3/7/14

I'm introverted, so I'd say let's rally all the introverts and make this go viral, but... well, introverts. If you lead meetings, chances are you have introverts attending them. If you don't want to miss out on their input or wonder why they don't talk much, try this:

Then, if you want some great tips to give your introverts space to talk (again, I'm introverted, so I agree these would be immensely helpful), try this one:

On a lighter note, if you haven't heard about this daughter's $80,000 gaffe on Facebook, try this. In short, the moral is, don't talk about legal settlements on social media!

Friday Quick Hits, 2/28/14

Here's an immensely helpful Bible study resource. If you're looking for an easy tool to help you digest Scripture passages, try this:

Here's a list of some of the most helpful Mac apps for pastors (and others). If you're a PC user, just keep reading; if you're like me, and always on the lookout for a useful app on your Mac, try this:

After-birth abortion? It's in the news. This is the most appalling thing I've heard in a long time, but if there is any silver lining, maybe it's that now pro-choicers have to confront the uglier, yet logical, conclusions of their argument. If you want to know more, try this:

After seeing the LEGO movie, I was inspired to go home and build. Then I saw these creations and I've never felt so inferior. If you're into LEGOs or just want to have your mind blown, try this: