A native of Dallas living in hostile enemy territory (Philadelphia). I met Jesus when I was fifteen; I love the Church, and our local expression of it. My wife and three kiddos, dark coffee, old books, and all kinds of music stir up my affections for God. I drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of tacos. Although aware of the danger that comes with fandom in Philadelphia, I'm still a big fan of Dallas sports -- yes, especially the Cowboys. I also enjoy reading, writing, and the Oxford comma. Occasionally I contribute to Faithwire News. Mostly conservative politically, maybe a little awkward socially. I'm an introvert who's never been accused of not being a good listener -- although I have been told my WPM (words per minute) is too low. But I took it as a compliment according to Proverbs 21.23.

I'm an unashamed history nerd with a Master of Arts in History from Dallas Baptist University, emphasis on church history. Minus a few years of grad school, I've been in ministry since 2003. As the Associate Pastor at Crossing Community Church, I do all sorts of behind-the-scenes, operational things -- and get asked a lot, "so what exactly do you do." But I love my job and I love our people. My favorite books of the Bible are Jonah, Romans, and Ephesians, and in a spare little bit of free time you might find me reading John Piper, CS Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, Tim Keller, anyone on the Reformation Wall in Geneva, the Puritans, or even Douglas Wilson.